We are curbside only at this time. When you arrive, you will see orange cones in the parking lot to allow social distancing. Please park in a spot without a cone. There will be signs with phone numbers to call or text to let us know where you are parked. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we get through this time together.

Boarding Consent Form


We’re Excited To Have Your Pet Stay With Us

Please complete the form below before your visit! We will be in touch if we have any questions prior to your appointment.

Requirements for boarding at MGAH (must be current within the year): Dog - rabies, DHPP, and Kennel Cough vaccines, negative fecal/heartworm test, monthly HWP, a physical exam at MGAH within the calendar year. Cats - rabies, FVRCP vaccines (if outdoor, FeLV vaccine), negative fecal or annual Profender applied, results of FeLV/FIV test, a physical exam at MGAH within the calendar year. If fleas and/or ticks are noted on admission, your pet will be treated to eliminate the parasites at the owner's expense.
I, the undersigned, request boarding of my pet(s) listed above. During this time, I will be reachable at the above-listed telephone number(s).  If I am not reachable, please call my alternate contact person to assist in any decisions to be made regarding emergency treatment. In the event that I am not reachable, I authorize Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital to respond to any emergency situation that may arise with my pet(s), and I will be responsible for any fees incurred. If a non-emergency health concern is identified during boarding, I agree to allow one of the doctors at Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital to examine and treat the condition, and I will be responsible for any additional examination and medication fees incurred. I understand that my boarded pet is exposed to other animals and is at risk for potential infectious diseases. I also understand that MGAH is not staffed continuously during overnight and weekend hours. I also understand that boarding rates apply to 24 hour periods or any part of 24 hours.