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★★★★★ Dr. Dan and then entire staff at MGAH is extremely knowledgeable and full of compassion. They are great listeners, no-judgements, patient, kind, the place is clean, fear-free environment, cost of service is fair - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!Chaundra E.Chaundra E. ★★★★★ Excellent fear free veterinary hospital! Staff and Dr.s are great with our dog.Amber C.Amber C. ★★★★★ The staff at Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital from Front Desk to Vet Tech to Veterinarians are all very friendly and extremely helpful. They are a "no fear" vet office and do everything they can to make my Anxious dog feel comfortable during his visits. At our last visit they were on the floor with him at his level!! The staff are all very caring and you can tell that they are all animal lovers. I always receive a call the day after an appointment to check on my dogs. I feel so fortunate to have found this practice when the Vet we used retired. I won't take my pets, current and future, anywhere else! Thank you for the service you provide for our furry family members!Amy H.Amy H. ★★★★★ My dog had an ear infection. They were nice enough to fit me in. They were great with Gordy, though he can be a statue. They were also kind enough to show me how to properly clean his ears.Blake M.Blake M. ★★★★★ Kirby loves the team. They're the best in the area and we've tried them all!John S.John S. ★★★★★ HIGHLY RECOMMEND, we recently moved here and could not be happier w MyrtleGroveAnimalHospital. Allie and Meghan our vet techs were kind helpful and informative. Dr Houlihan, hands down best vet we have met in Wilmington so far, was thorough easy to talk with and made us feel important. He recommended improved therapy for our older lab and kindly advised us on things to consider for our ‘rambunctious’ pup. We feel lucky to have been taken on as clients and Ingrid&Sammy are lucky to be new patients.karen P.karen P. ★★★★★ It seems that all negative reviews are about pets that were ready to cross rainbow. When my peanut had this time, I hired costal animal hospice. And all my family was around him. It was very sensitive. They had mortician waiting on the drive way. We had all time we needed with him. Next day, his ashes were delivered to us. I just could not imagine myself leaving the house with him, to be put down, and coming back alone. Myrtle Grove animal hospital is outstanding. I love them with all my heart, but, it cost $400 for one on one to put a tiny dog out. Through costal. Weight your expectations, and do what is right for you and YOUR dogNatalia S.Natalia S. ★★★★★ Myrtle Grove has the best team of expert veterinarians in Wilmington, NC!!! I took my kitty in for what I thought was just going to be a rabies shot and Dr. Peat noticed he was not breathing good. After taking an X-ray she saw that something was surrounding his heart and lungs. She was proactive and had their whole team of doctors review the X-rays. Dr Houlihan was trained on a Global Scan Test and was able to determine that it was fluid vs a mass. We came home with meds for congestive heart failure and overnight my kitty is feeling 100% better. As a Team they were able to buy him and I some more time together and make him comfortable ♥️Thank you Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital for showing me that you all really care and Dr Peat for going the extra mile making multiple calls to check on my baby and come up with a solution.I HIGHLY recommend this team of experts to anyone!!!!👍Shari H.Shari H. ★★★★★ After eight years, MGAH continues with the most competent veterinarians and efficient support staff in Wilmington!Pat Brooks E.Pat Brooks E. ★★★★★ This is Q-tip my new rescue kitten, took him to Dr. Bolz for his first visit and they were so wonderful with him. I would recommend Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital to anyone.Patricia G.Patricia G. ★★★★★ Highly recommend. All staff members I’ve encountered have been wonderful. Truly care about the welfare of the pets and put in the time to prove it.Meagan B.Meagan B. ★★★★★ I can’t explain how happy I was after taking my dog there! I came from a bad experience with a vet, and I was kind of biased how my experience was going to be. After reading recommendations of this vet, and how they treat reactive dogs, I had to give it a go. They had several treats for my dog, they were so patience, they explained me things about her diet, and they listened to me (thing that didn’t happened before). If you have a reactive dog, I really recommend to take your dog there, there is scale there so your dog doesn’t need to move without you, they let you know if there are other dogs on the reception. It was absolutely the best experience I have ever had. So happy that I can offer to my dog a good vet experience.Daniella R.Daniella R. ★★★★★ Cali - my cat has now been a patient of Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital for 3 years! They all are so nice every time we have been in and this last visit with the automated system somehow it had that we were not on the schedule and even though they were busy they worked Cali back in and got her taken care of! I appreciated it so much as my NHC pet tax/license was due!Kari C.Kari C. ★★★★★ I just wanted to say how wonderful this clinic is. I called to just see if they recommended a good dog food for weight management for my dog and they actually gave me a sample bag of the food. It was huge they didn’t have to do that , but they did. They are so kind and friendly. Even when your dogs can get excited and jump. I am so Thankful they took such good care of my fur babies! Allllll threeRachelle K.Rachelle K. ★★★★★ The staff is amazing here. My dog is very anxious and needs lots of extra care and support during her exams. Dr. Cozart and all the vet. techs are so kind and caring. They take the best care of us!Shannon M.Shannon M. ★★★★★ Everyone here is friendly and great with our dog.Yvonne L.Yvonne L. ★★★★★ Great staff, very knowledgeable, and they offer Fear Free services! Our kitten's first visit to Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital ensured the success of future visits!Carrie F.Carrie F. ★★★★★ My dogs and I love Dr. Kuzart! She's the best!Teresa P.Teresa P. ★★★★★ We have pandemic puppies. We didn't plan on getting them, but they needed homes asap. We got a brother and sister Shepradors at 5 weeks old. The staff at MGAH took them right in and just loved them from the beginning. We call them for every little thing and they know our dogs by name RIGHT AWAY! LOL. We had one get a copperhead bite on the nose last fall, and they did not hesitate. We love all the staff and Dr's. Everyone is always kind and patient. This is priceless. They answer the phone Joyful and helpful. They answer texts RIGHT away. Everyone seems to truely enjoy their jobs.You get what you pay for. And they are worth it all. Thanks for everything guys!Heather B.Heather B. ★★★★★ Awesome Vet!Kris C.Kris C. ★★★★★ We absolutely love this office. We've seen every doctor and have enjoyed them all but our regular go-to is Dr. Houlihan. He knows our dogs well and the quality of our visits is exceptional.Danielle C.Danielle C. ★★★★★ After having a bad experience with a previous vet, I was scared to try any new vets around the area. Someone actually recommended this vet to me after taking in a neglected puppy and this is now the vet I take all my pets to. Dr. Cozart has been the best, making sure all my questions are answered, helping with simple tips, and overall you can tell she genuinely enjoys what she does. The whole staff here is always pleasant and extremely helpful. I appreciate this establishment so much.Rachel W.Rachel W. ★★★★★ Excellent friendly staff and extremely caring veterinarians here at Myrtle Grove animal hospital. Would recommend for all vet care!Amy B.Amy B. ★★★★★ I have been taking my furr babies to Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital for many, many years! They are so sensitive to the needs of my babies...very knowledgeable! I would not take them anywhere else.Pam S.Pam S. ★★★★★ I have been using MGAH since 2014. That speaks loudly for their service. My JRT's are my kids. They have provided comfort in times of loss and taking care of new babies. They are the best. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Every Vet and every employee are top notch.Betsy M.Betsy M. ★★★★★ We recently moved to Wilmington a few weeks ago. Our Maltese had a bump on her back that blew up like a red balloon! I was told by a few people she had an aggressive cancer. I found Myrtle Grove and Dr. Houlihan was absolutely amazing. He drained her scary cyst and we were gratefully relieved that was all it was! This office is very organized and professional! The staff were all so kind and amazing. The best vet and office on the planet!MargaretMargaret ★★★★★ Fantastic vet!! Called on a Saturday for Bella(my dog) ,with an eye issue. They worked her in and treated the injury. Staff is friendly. You can tell they love their work and clients. Highly recommended!Beth H.Beth H. ★★★★★ Dr. Cozart is kind and knowledgable. I love this office. The staff is well educated and sympathetic. They treat my 105 lb. Pit Bull like a family member💖Cindy F.Cindy F. ★★★★★ Exceptional Care! Recently moved to Wilmington, NC, and needed to find a new vet for our dogs. We chose Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital and are extremely happy with our choice. Dr. Rebecca Cozart and Elaine provided exceptional care and attention. They are professional, compassionate, and mindful. Highly recommended!Kyle A.Kyle A. ★★★★★ They saved our little Eddy's life!Jeremiah G.Jeremiah G. ★★★★★ Our boxer has been going here for 4 years and they always make us feel welcome and take great care of him. We just started taking our new boxer puppy here as well.Cassandra C.Cassandra C. ★★★★★ A very caring staff. They went above and beyond, and I truly appreciate their dedication.Tammy T.Tammy T. ★★★★★ After a very unfortunate discovery of wildlife suffering and calling everywhere and getting no where. This amazing staff helped comfort this alive turtle hit by a car so he didn't have to sufferValerie Rivenbark (.Valerie Rivenbark (. ★★★★★ The Doctors and staff show my puppy love and have been very resourceful in questions we have.Debra F.Debra F. ★★★★★ It's always a wonderful experience taking my Ella and Rina to this vet. Everyone is wonderful and so caring and gentle. I feel like the vets and staff treat my girls as if they were their own babies.Zandra L.Zandra L. ★★★★★ The staff here is just wonderful! They are very friendly and I feel like my pets are getting fantastic care from any of the doctors that they see.NECA J.NECA J. ★★★★★ 1st time visiting with my baby and everyone was so sweet and attentive. They listened to what my concern was about but also made my baby feel comfortable while checking him over. Dr Houlihan explained all the findings and concern about the age and murmur my baby has and suggested about me thinking about going on with anesthesia but also suggested getting bloodwork done to see if my babys levels were good to go so I can make my decision. Bloodwork came back good, worried about the murmur but I did schedule the procedure necause my baby is a champ and I know he will be just fine with Dr Houlihan, thats how comfortable I feel!!!Evelyn L.Evelyn L. ★★★★★ Staff are very kind and friendly with our pets and with us! Definitely recommend their services.Kelley D.Kelley D. ★★★★★ Great people there who take excellent care of your pets! Welcome them!🐾🐾😊Susan L.Susan L. ★★★★★ Great care of the animalsElizabeth C.Elizabeth C. ★★★★★ All the drs and techs are amazing. I’ve been coming here for the past 9 years with 4 of my fur babies and they are treated like royalty.robert F.robert F. ★★★★★ 2nd attempt-really cannot express how great Dr. Christian Boltz is with his patients and their parents! He is a kind, caring and truly wonderful vet. He is an intelligent and skilled cat vet who truly cares about his patients and their families. We have had many cats and have never run into anyone who knows and cares about them like he does!Marilyn Y.Marilyn Y. ★★★★★ We absolutely love Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital. The staff is always friendly and makes you feel like family. I enjoy picking up meds from the front desk, where they know my pets and always ask how they are. Dr. Cozart is knowledgeable and empathetic. Thank you Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital for always loving on our fur babies!Hilary O.Hilary O. ★★★★★ It is very simple to work with the staff. The staff at MGAH are amazing. Dr. Daniel Houlihan (Dan) is amazing! We are great full to have him around for all our cat needs.Gregory H.Gregory H. ★★★★★ Our dog loves the place. Gets excited when we pull up and drags me to the door.Lee M.Lee M. ★★★★★ My experience is great every time I go. I appreciate the communication and the follow up.Alana M.Alana M. ★★★★★ Dr was very informative, kind and thoroughTech was greatCouldn’t be more pleased with this practice.Jill F.Jill F. ★★★★★ I’ve been recommending this office for 5 years, since we rescued our Great Dane Jerry. I love that all the techs and ladies up front remember my dogs specific personalities, dynamics with each other (Jerry is confident and goes to the back first, Piper will follow), and fears, and do everything they can to help our dogs feel comfortable, safe, and loved, even though they are at the vet. Every Dr. we have worked with has also been great. I REALLY appreciate the next day follow up calls after and illness visit or, most recently, surgery. Can’t say enough great things about this office!Lauren W.Lauren W. ★★★★★ Outstanding, courteous and professional service everytime! I have never seen such a pleasant group of front desk people - their in-person and phone etiquette is so rare nowadays. The technicians and doctors are truly committed and have great "bedside" manners. Efficient, to the point, while showing compassion and true interest. They seems to treat every dog as if it was "the only" dog there.Janice C.Janice C. ★★★★★ Dr. Houlihan always is kind, caring, and compassionate in his explanations of treatment needed. His expertise shines through in his work. I’m thankful to have such a caring provider for my fur babies.Amanda C.Amanda C. ★★★★★ Very friendly and loving staff. They really love their work and it shows.English11276 K.English11276 K. ★★★★★ The people here are so kind and caring to your animals, and take extra time and care for anxious pets. I will definitely be back ❤Destiny M.Destiny M. ★★★★★ The doctor and support team did a wonderful job on Katie's serious dental surgery !!Today, she is back to 'normal' Thank you MGAH team!Carol H.Carol H. ★★★★★ very professional, Lulu receives great care.Wayne H.Wayne H. ★★★★★ These guys and gals are FANTASTIC!!! Very friendly and knowledgeable. It was our first visit and he was coming in for an emergency visit and they cared for him like he was one of their own. I will definitely be staying here.Tina C.Tina C. ★★★★★ Really appreciate the time and care the staff at Myrtle Grove gives to my dog. I have an anxious dog that can be hard to work with they still give him proper care during visits and when there’s an emergency.Sierra C.Sierra C. ★★★★★ My 110lb hound has severe anxiety/aggression going to the vet. Here he is treated with kindness and patience for which I am so appreciative!Angela O.Angela O. ★★★★★ Took very good care of HollyJames P Z.James P Z. ★★★★★ Terrific practice, both in terms of skills and caring about their furry and human clients.Kathy B.Kathy B. ★★★★★ You treated me and DOOD (my dog) with professional courtesy and kind ness. You explained what you found and how to treat it. You complimented DOOD on his good behavior and told him he was handsome and I could tell he appreciated that.robert H.robert H. ★★★★★ We have an extremely anxious shelter dog who is terrified of the vet. I specifically sought out a fear free facility and was so happy to find Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital. Amanda, Emily and Dr. Cozart were amazing. They were so patient, kind and loving. We ended up getting the necessary vaccinations and a vial of blood drawn. That would have never happened at our last vet. If I could give them 10 stars I would.Teri P.Teri P. ★★★★★ Always wonderful! 🙏🐾💕T JT J ★★★★★ I had a great experience with this vet hospital. The rooms were designed to make the animals feel more at ease, which I really appreciated. I have not seen this at other vets prior. They had things like pheromone diffusers and wall mounts for the cats to play/hide on. The staff were all very gentle with my cat and were thorough in explaining each procedure to me.Giulia R.Giulia R. ★★★★★ Staff is so friendly and helpful. They take their time explaining everything and always answer any questions or concerns thoroughly.BrandonBrandon ★★★★★ I was very grateful to be able to get my Marla in same day as she was so uncomfortable. The tech we had was awesome, knowledgeable & caring. She took the time to answer all my questions!Sue S.Sue S. ★★★★★ I have always had a great experience at Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital. The staff is very friendly and the vets are extremely knowledgeable and caring.Kim S.Kim S. ★★★★★ We've been coming to MGAH since we moved to Wilmington in 2012 and I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. We've been through so many issues over the years and Dr.'s Debbie, Christian and Dr. Dan have been so good to my best friend in the world. We both love you guys.Thank you.Doug D.Doug D. ★★★★★ Your lovely staff are always so patient with Murray and his loud stress howling. You are also always accommodating to his unfortunate animal aggression and ensure that the lobby/entrance/exit are clear for our arrival and departure. The extra mile you go to by bringing the payment kiosk thingamagig into the exam room to limit/eliminate potential animal encounters. All efforts that I cannot express to you how much mean to me. YOU GUYS ROCK. Thank you for loving my baby and seeing him as the lover that he is and not just some aggressive animal. We love you!Angela U.Angela U. ★★★★★ Excellent experience with my anxious dog. This is a fear- free facility, and they take it seriously. Highly recommend.Becky H.Becky H. ★★★★☆ We recently moved to Wilmington with 3 older cats and 1 dog. After reading reviews on different vets, I chose MGAH. There is construction going on in the building so a vet's assistant will come out to get your animal and the vet will come to your car after the visit to explain what they found. (There are phone calls also.) I felt that they did a comprehensive check up, although I did not chose to do all the blood tests, etc., but I did switch the cats to a different flea medication on their recommendation which is working great. One of my cats had a skin condition and they were able to figure that out. Also, there is a window first thing in the morning for animals that need to be seen asap. I used that and it was great to be able to get into see a vet that quickly.Susan K.Susan K. ★★★★☆ I have nothing but great things to say about the doctors and staff!Sarah LSarah Ljs_loader

We’re a full-service veterinary hospital in Wilmington, NC.

We are here to service the cities of Wilmington, NC, Carolina Beach, NC, Kure Beach, NC, Leland, NC, Castle Hayne, NC, Winnabow, NC, Charlotte, NC, Burgaw, NC, Cary, NC, Rocky Point, NC and more!

We will work together to create an exceptional small animal hospital for our community by providing outstanding client service and compassionate patient care. We will continuously strive to meet the highest standard of veterinary medical and surgical services. We will provide our employees with a work environment that is challenging, rewarding, educational, enjoyable, and fulfilling. Through education, we will teach responsible pet ownership, which will empower our clients to allow their pets to live their best life.

Our veterinarians are ready to treat your dog or cat at our animal hospital in Wilmington, NC.

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